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Meaningful Moments


Our Meaningful Moments Activities includes many different signature programs that help stimulate all of the areas of wellness.

These programs were developed to ensure that we are fulfilling the needs of our seniors. They are well defined with purpose, drive and ambition. Come and join us and try something new. You could have hidden talents or moments from your past that would like to come out.

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Being open to new ideas, being creative, thinking critically and seeking out new challenges

Vocational Icon.png


Seek to have a career that is interesting, enjoyable, meaningful, and that contributes to the larger society

Physical Icon.png


Taking care of your body for optimal health and functioning

Emotional Icon.png


Have a positive attitude, high self-esteem, a strong sense of self, and the ability to recognize and share a wide range of feelings with others in a constructive way

Social Icon.png


Building personal relationships with others, deal with conflict appropriately and connecting to a positive social network

Environmental Icon.png


Be aware of the interactions between the environment, community and yourself and behave in ways that care for each of these responsibilities

Spiritual Icon.png


Find meaning in life events, demonstrate individual purpose, and live a life that reflects your values and beliefs

Our Signature Programs


Our Veterans Gardens are created and maintained by our residents and team members. There are many health benefits to gardening for seniors including; exercise, muscle-strengthening, Vitamin-D and stress reduction. We will utilize the vegetables and herbs in our cooking demonstrations and in our restaurant. Join us for this unique way to honor our Veterans and help make our community beautiful. 


Creativity comes in many forms. Join us in these specialized programs that will challenge your creativity and can be done by anyone! We will enjoy painting, crafts, woodworking and whatever your heart desires. Bring your talents and help us create for our art show or give them as gifts to your loved ones.


Our Generations program allows for children of all ages to learn from our seniors and vice versa. They will both have the opportunity to learn new skills and purpose, invigorate our residents and help children understand aging.


Join us for our many different forms of music and motion. Learn about new musical practices, join in lectures, take part in our drum circle and even become part of our community choir. Music is alive and helps improve sleep quality, mental alertness, mood and memory. 


Do you love travel? Do you enjoy learning about other countries? Then this is the program for you. Journey to a new country each month while learning about the music, culture, food and history. Join us at happy hour on Fridays in the Speakeasy to enjoy specialty drinks and appetizers featured from the country we are studying. Bring your passport to these specialized programs and catalog your journey for some special prizes.


In this world, we are always learning. Come and join us for many different topics and group programs to always foster continued learning. We could enjoy various history topics or anything of your liking.


Have you always had a wonder for technology? How about having video calls with your grandkids whenever you would like? Learn computer skills and all about how the world of technology is ever-changing.


Do you enjoy furry companions?  You will not want to miss these programs. We will be bringing in all sorts of visitors and having an opportunity to learn all about them. We partner with local zoos and other farms to bring you real-life exotic pets. If that’s not your thing, we always have our dog visitors that would love to come and say hi. Bring your treats and cameras, you will not want to miss this!

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